Hi Everyone I guess we


Hi Everyone

I guess we have pretty much spoken to or have e-mailed most of you in the last few weeks to let you know our 'news'.

Yes ! The Woolseys are going to be parents.

We are still getting over the shock of it and we are thrilled. Mind you the first month just went by without us having time to think about it. That was one hell of a week. Buying a business and a house and finding out I was pregnant all in the same week. I don't think we could do that again if we tried.

The baby is due in March around the 14th\18th whichever date we go with so in true Denise fashion -- only 26 weeks to go. I can't wait until it is 40 degrees plus in December and January. I will just have to spend lots of time at the beach!

We will be pretty busy over the next few weeks with lots of visitors arriving. My mum and stepfather arrive in a couple of days to stay for a month and my dad arrives on the same day also for a month. They are coming to make sure that I take it easy I think. Does 7 days a weeks count as taking it easy??

We have also had a guy from Mersea staying for a week or so but he is in Cairns at the moment although he may be coming back again. And we are pretty busy at Christmas and New year which is great.

Duf went racing a couple of weekends ago and had a great time. The bike was going really well and he won 8 out of the 12 that he entered. He came away with a car full of trophies and was awarded The Lord of the Flies Trophy for the best performance over the weekend. So he is very happy. It is a shame that it is the closest circuit to us and it is nearly 4 hours away. I know that is almost local in Australian terms but it felt like forever. There are now plans for going to New Zealand and to Philip Island with the bike.

I won't leave it so long before I update again but we wanted to speak to as many of you as we could before we put our shock on the page.

Thanks to all for baby books and cards (so much to look forward to)

D&D & Woolsey Lump



(and well done to Duff, I guess the G50 idea worked.)

Take care,


Hello to the three of you!
I guess by the time you read this you will have gotten our answerphone message. in true Abby and Sam style we managed to phone at the wrong time! If you could let me know what time to call (because Sam can't remember!) that would be cool. Thank you and speak to you V soon.
X to bump

well hello to both of u you have been busy havent u!!!!! nice to here you are all settled in now and doing well so is this restaurant yours or r u just working there at the moment? im not at the red lion any more decided to move on and im now at the worlds end, still at college though as well, im still hoping to come out to aus after my college course sometime so mabye we might meet again!!!! (after u thought u had got rid of me!!) anyway hope to hear from u soon

bye bye for now

rich (a.k.a penfold!!!!!)

Congratulations to you both - clearly everything is going v.well in Australia. Race of the Year next weekend at Silverstone 360 riders entered!

well done Denise and David, Many congratulations to you all on the safe arrival of little Nora, fancy you two remembering to name her after me???and there was me thinking that nothing was remembered after all that lemoncello! much love to you all,enjoy her. Tricia, Barry and co,.P.S does David believe you were pregnant now.

Hi,Duf and family,Here's a blast from the past!remember me,or would you prefer to forget!Remember fishing off the mersea beaches and the bikes we had before I got married to ruth and you went walkabout,Would love to hear from you and catch up....Paul.

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