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4 months on

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I can't belive it. 4 months. Hopefully there is a picture here of the girls.

We are all well and happy that the madness of our summer is over. We had a very busy time and didn't see much of each other for a couple of weeks and the 2 girls spent a lot of time at the restaurants. That is all over and we have had a great week in Melbourne. David was racing at Phillip Island on the weekend and we all had a couple of days either side as a break. The racing didn't go all that well and we could blame the weather (it even threatened snow at one point). The next meeting is at Eastern Creek in March so hopefully he will have a better time. Merv and Janet are here at the moment so maybe he can work some of his magic while he is here.

Nora will soon be 3 so we are all off to check out a preschool tomorrow for her. She is very excited and hopefully it will all go well. If we like it she will probably start in a couple of weeks. I can't believe she is growing up so quickly.

Erin is great and the sleeping is getting better and better. She only wakes up once at night and I am hoping to work on that in a couple of weeks time after I have finished 2 big weeks at work. We have some staff training happening which involves me so David will have lots of time at home with his girls.

As it is our 20th wedding anniversary this year (how scary is that?) we are planning to go to the snow in New Zealand in our winter. We were thinking of going to Fiji but there has been a military coup so we aren't so sure, and besides we see palm trees and beaches every day so maybe the snow is a better idea. I know Nora will love it.

Anyway hope you are all well and not too cold

with love

The Woolseys