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One year old

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Hi all

Yes we have had our first birthday and we cannot believe where it has gone.

Nora didn't have a clue what was going on but it was a great day. I will try and put a picture up but I can't promise that I can.

We are now planning our trip to England. We have provisional tickets booked to leave Oz on the 28th June and arrive at Heathrow on 29th. Leaving again on 28th July. I will let you know when we confirm the tickets.

Then it will be my 40th and as many of you know I had a dream to have it on a beach in Bali and hopefully it will happen. I am planning to fly to Bali on Sunday 21st August for 5 glorious days. (see you there).

Duf has had great success on his motorbike and has quite a collection of magazines etc. with his picture in. He gets quite a good mention in most of them as well so he is happy.

I will now try to put up a picture and will see you all in 12 weeks. (Click on the picture for the full size version.)