it seems like a long time ago

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Hi there

We have been back almost a month now and our trip seems like forever ago. Thanks to all of you who made such an effort to come and see us. We had a ball despite the rain!!

We have come back to Spring and it is good to be back in the sun. The girls have settled back into their lives and only took 11 days to get over their jetlag. They couldn't understand why they wanted to up at midnight and go to sleep when it got light again.

Singapore was great on the way home and broke up the trip brilliantly. We did the zoo and all the tourist stuff, ate and drank far too much and lounged by the pool. It was a good finale to our holiday.

Work on the new restaurant starts in 8 days and we are still hopeful of being up and running before our main summer season which starts on Boxing Day. We hope to be open 3 weeks before so we can all get back into the swing of things. But there is a lot to do and at the moment we have 2 bare walls and hopefully by the end of this week 2 sets of windows. I will let you know how the stress levels are going over the next 8 weeks or so.

Erin is about to have her second birthday and has definately joined her sister in the race for the pink princess of the year. I still can't believe how alike the 2 of them are. if it isn't pink then it won't get worn thats for sure. Poor Duf he copes pretty well with it really.

Speaking of Duf he is off to Melbourne in a couple of days to take part in the Moto GP weekend at Phillip Island. He is racing in the first historic race they have held at the meeting and it's going to be televised.. The video has been set and lets hope that Nora doesn't stick Barbie in there.

Duf's new workshop and our studio accomodation is nearly finished Its looking great. Just in time for my mum, stepdad, brother and his family who are all coming out in November. We are having a joint Christening with Donnas little boy on the 15th and it will be great to have all the 5 grandchildren together for the first time.

Well thats you all up to date with The Woolseys.

if you want to get in contact my email is thewoolseys @ Don't put the spaces in that just stops me from getting loads of spam (I hope)

with love


A new year

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Hi there

hope you are well and that the new year is being good to you.

We are all well and now that our really busy season is over we are getting our lives back again. This will be a big year for us with the new restaurant opening and hopefully lots of building work at home. The new restaurant building is coming along and hopefully it won't be too far behind schedule with all this rain. It doesn't feel that it has stopped in weeks.. We have designed the new kitchen and we just got a quote for all the equipment which wasn't too scary. The building at home is still in the planning stage but hopefully it will be on the move soon.

The girls are fantastic and Nora is so excited now that she is in the pre-school room. She loves it. Erin is just finding her voice and there are new words every day. She is a bit of a joker and her and Nora just love each other, which is great.

Duf was out on the bike a few weeks ago at Phillip Island and got a third and a dodgy ignition switch which hampered his progress but he has high hopes for Eastern Creek at Easter.

we are looking forward to our first visitors of the year in a couple of weeks and my sister Donna arrives back in a couple of days with only 10 weeks left until she has a baby.

thats more or less caught up with our news so a Happy New Year to you all

With love

The Woolseys

One Year Old Already

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Hi everyone

I am sorry it has taken so long to update this. Like I have said so many times before time just flies away. I hope you are all well and you know it is only 11 weeks to Christmas. Oh No!!

We are all really well and summer has definitly come early this year with the temperatures already in the late 20s. It was really weird coming back from our ski trip last month and going from snow to shorts within 24 hours.

Our trip was great and it was fun to be back on snow after 4 years. Nora loved it and skiied the whole way down the mountain on our last day and was well and truly exhausted at the end of it. We had a fab week with Lisa and Peter in NZ and it was very brave of them to share a house with a 3 year old and a 10 month old. I will try and put up a pic of Nora in full flight on the snow.

What else have we been up to? David was racing in Sydney last weekend and that involved a 12 hour drive down there. We were trying to figure out where would we be after 12 hours driving in Europe and we thought somewhere in Italy. We had 2 short stops, left at 8 in the morning and got there just before 8 at night. The girls did really well and didn't seem to mind. The journey back was 10 hours (the traffic was better). He is out at Eastern Creek in a couple of weeks, again in Sydney but I am going to resist the temptation of doing that journey again. He got a third on the Sat but the bike started playing up on the Sunday so not so good. He had recently changed over to Methanol and there are some teething problems with ignition and compression for those of you who understand all that stuff.

And yes Erin will be one is a few days. I really cannot believe that a year has gone already. She is so different to Nora and is so determined when she sets her mind to it. She is a daredevil like her dad and has given us a couple of real scares. She is such good fun and the two of them get on so well. We of course still cannot believe that we have 2 children and every day one of us still says exactly that.

The restaurants are going really and we are in the middle of school holidays which are really busy. We are on the move next year. You know us always up to something and it has been over 4 years now. The building we are in was sold and our new landlord wanted to buy us out of our lease. So David did some pretty good negotiating and we move out on 3rd of July next year. We are moving to a brand new restaurant which is currently 2 floors down in the ground. We are hoping to start fitting it out in time to move straight from one to the other next year. the building is on schedule so it should as easy as that??? So at the moment we are designing a brand new kitchen etc which is very exciting.

Anyway enough from me now hope you are all keeping well

with love

The Woolseys

Nora - Bridesmaid in Fiji

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Here she is Nora the "bridesmaid"

20th Anniversary in Fiji

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Hi everyone

Here we are on our 20th Anniversary on sunny Fiji. It was great and I can certainly recommend it as a family holiday destination. The people are amazing with children and it is so relaxing and even more laid back than Greece if that is possible. I never realised that it is so close to us being only 3 hours away. A bit like going to Spain really. The resort was fab and when we got there we were upgraded to an "executive suite". Handy to know the local village Chief who is friendly with the reservations manager. Meli (the Chief) comes to Byron Bay a lot and we know him through friends. The shower was bigger than our whole bathroom and the view was just as you see in the postcards. Nora was really excited to see a wedding on the beach and after going to have a look (in her bikini) she was invited to be in the wedding photos with the bride and groom. She was over the moon. I will try and put the photo here as well.

Now it is on to our next trip. Skiing in New Zealand in August and the resort we are going to had 6 inches of snow the other night so it is looking good. You just try and get snow gear here though. Nora is booked in lessons and we are hoping that after 3 days she will be able to come out with us. We are going with David's sister Lisa and her husband Peter who live in Aukland.

We are in the middle of winter here and the temperature at night is a "freezing" 9 degrees. Thankfully it is still 22 in the day so not all bad.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer

with love

The Woolseys

Nora's 3rd birthday



Duf Racing

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Here is a pic of Duf on his G50 at Eastern Creek a couple of weeks ago. He had a great weekend and had a win which pleased him no end. He also got a third in the Barry Sheene memorial race which he is also very pleased about.

The Girls

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4 months on

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I can't belive it. 4 months. Hopefully there is a picture here of the girls.

We are all well and happy that the madness of our summer is over. We had a very busy time and didn't see much of each other for a couple of weeks and the 2 girls spent a lot of time at the restaurants. That is all over and we have had a great week in Melbourne. David was racing at Phillip Island on the weekend and we all had a couple of days either side as a break. The racing didn't go all that well and we could blame the weather (it even threatened snow at one point). The next meeting is at Eastern Creek in March so hopefully he will have a better time. Merv and Janet are here at the moment so maybe he can work some of his magic while he is here.

Nora will soon be 3 so we are all off to check out a preschool tomorrow for her. She is very excited and hopefully it will all go well. If we like it she will probably start in a couple of weeks. I can't believe she is growing up so quickly.

Erin is great and the sleeping is getting better and better. She only wakes up once at night and I am hoping to work on that in a couple of weeks time after I have finished 2 big weeks at work. We have some staff training happening which involves me so David will have lots of time at home with his girls.

As it is our 20th wedding anniversary this year (how scary is that?) we are planning to go to the snow in New Zealand in our winter. We were thinking of going to Fiji but there has been a military coup so we aren't so sure, and besides we see palm trees and beaches every day so maybe the snow is a better idea. I know Nora will love it.

Anyway hope you are all well and not too cold

with love

The Woolseys

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