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First pictures


Well here are the first pictures of Nora Mary Patricia Woolsey.


For those who like facts and figures, she was 5lb 15oz. and born at 10:39 on 15th March,


Apparently she (or is it Denise) is eating like a horse, and will home tomorrow

It's a girl


I've just heard that D&D are the proud parents of little Nora Woolsey.

Both mother and daughter are doing well.

It should be noted that Denise did say it would be due on a Thursday, so she could be back to work on Monday ... at least this way she can be back in time for the weekend (ho, ho, ho).

(Since they have other things on their mind, I thought I'd post this message on their behalf).

Hello All Well we are

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Hello All

Well we are now playing the waiting game and any day/hour now I am expecting the arrival. We have had a few dramas over the last couple of weeks and with rising blood pressure and suspected pre-eclampsia but now all is well.

Summer is coming to an end here and with the last few days up in the late 30's I am very glad to see the rain.

I have now almost finished work. Well in the evenings anyway. It is hard for one who is used to being out of the house every night to try and fill in the time but I guess it will be filled when the baby arrives on the scene.

The restaurant is still busy although not like summer, but with Easter only a few weeks away we will be flat out again.

I am getting a computer at home in the next few weeks so I will (at last) be able to reply to all your e-mails. I promise I will. It is so hard at work to get anything done on the computer.

Anyway watch this space

Yours in expectation