September 2004 Archives

6 months old (full half)

Hi Everyone

yes 6 months already and still a darling.

Well Duf managed a weekends racing and came away with the trophy for the best performer of the weekend. We had a great time and Nora thoroughly enjoyed her first racing and camping experience.

For the record 11 starts, 8 firsts, 2 seconds and 1 third. He was dicing with guys 20 years younger than him so he is a happy bunny.

We managed to have our few days away and went up the Queensland coast to Noosa. We had an appartment on the beach and again Nora loved it. She loved the swimming pool and didn't want to come out but the ocean was quite cold for her. We had a really relaxing time and it was our first time away as a family. It's a good job we can carry loads of stuff as the car was full of things for Nora.

The holidays start this weekend so we will be quite busy which will be great after the winter quietness. We are now planning for the Christmas holidays. Only 100 days to Christmas in case you were wondering!!!!!!

Take care

with love