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Hi All I Can't believe


Hi All

I Can't believe that another month has gone by since my last installment. Thank you Keith for telling me to get my ass in gear.

Things here have settled down into some sort of a routine for us. I can't remember how long it is since the word routine and Denise and David Woolsey we used in the same sentance together. We are now making ourselves have one day off a week ( well I am anyway. David still goes in and does a couple of hours paperwork and comes back home). We have managed to do it this week at least. Still no time at the beach however. That will have to come.

Summer is coming with a vengence and the temperature is around the late 20's abd climbing. It's not too stuffy at the mo with the sea breezes keeping it feeling good. Mind you another month or so and I won't be saying that.

We have had our second scan and all looks well. It's amazing the detail that they can get and if I can figure out how to do it I will try and put one of the pictures on here. They are so clear. It looks like it will have Duf's ears for sure.

Off to the doctors for another monthly checkup on Monday and I will try to find out why my due date has been moved. Instead of 14th March it is now 28th March. I will keep you posted. I am sure that I won't want to be hanging on another couple of weeks by then.

I can't believe that it is now so close to Christmas. I don't know what it will be like here. You know how much I love it. Mind you it is the start of the big summer holidays here and we will only be having one day off. Boxing day is the biggest day of the year with New Years Day a close second. There is a huge street party here in Byron which goes on until 3.00am at New Year. Should be good.

Can you believe that we have almost been here 5 months already. No we haven't decided that it is time to do anything else yet. I know that we are usually thinking about our next project by now but not this time. We are planning on some alterations to the house but that won't be until next year now. We have finally started to hang some of our picures and it is starting to feel as though we are permanent.

We are now looking forward to our next visitors. My dad has gone off to Ireland for a month and it is the first time we have had the house to ourselves in nearly 2 months. Mind you it will be great to see David's sister and her husband when they come over from New Zealand and then a steady stream (it seems at the moment anyway) until the baby is born.

I won't rabbit on any more as my typing skills are failing miserably. Let us know what you are all up to and I won't leave it so long until the next update.

With Love

D&D& Lump