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Hi Everyone from 35 degree

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Hi Everyone from 35 degree heat.

Yes it is hot and it does not feel like Christmas at all to me. We have a day off tomorrow (Christmas Day) and we are off to the beach. It will only be the third time in 6 months that we have been and are going to enjoy it.

Time is marching on and it is now only just over 11 weeks until the baby is born. We still can't believe it mind you but with the huge belly it is certainly more real than it was a few weeks ago.

We are in the middle of our summer and the real maddness starts on Boxing day so think of us when you are curled up with your leftover turkey in front of a movie in the snow. It is supposed to be our busiest day yet. Still only 37 days until the end of the school holidays.

Thanks to all for our cards. It has been great to hear from so many of you. Hopefully when things settle down in the new year and I get some free time I will be able to do all that catching up.

We hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. We will be spending new year with 6000 party goers out in the street in front of our restaurant.

With love

D&D & big lump