Hi everyone Now that the


Hi everyone

Now that the madness of summer of summer is behind us maybe now I will have time to make contact again.

Things here have been pretty hectic and now with only 5 weeks to go until the baby is due I expect it won't calm down just yet.

Thanks to all of you who have e-mailed me and I am so sorry that I have been so slack and not replied.

I will be back again in a few days

Happy New Year to you all

D&D& lump


Well Hello Guys.
Sorry, I haven't emailled. I tried to send you emails via your address and it never seemed to work. Nevermind. Blimey, 5 weeks?!?! I certainly hope you have boned up on your baby book info. Or at least learned how to successfully use that breast pump!! I don't want to have to be able to tell people that I know how to use a breast pump better than a pregnant woman. So, get learning! How's Davey boy? Still riding on his electric bicycle? Has he been in any more races? Keep me informed if he has. I miss Byron Bay quite a bit now. Was just thinking about it and I think I should've gone with a couple of mates. Nevermind. I've got plenty of time. Would love to come back out there and visit you two and the new bundle of joy. If you can, get the baby to try and learn "Ach David, Where's the skate?" As his/her first words!! If you could possibly pass me your phone number, I'd love to call and catch up.
Ciao guys. Don't work too hard
Big Dave

We hope that Denise enjoyed the summer without total meltdown. WE all hope things go well and the lump pops out to plan. We think about you lots, its hard to believe just how teh time flies by.

Love from us all

5 weeks, blinky blimeys. Doesn't seem that long ago that it was months away and we were trying to hear each other over the madness of a Byron Bay new year on the phone. Saw the post above. Hmmm no doubt Duf will be offering to man the "pump" for you !! :o)Just tell him to warm his hands first. Tee Hee.

Did my emails get to you??? not sure if those I've sent (not that many) got there or just dropped into the cyber nothingness between here and OZ.

Well take care and hope it all goes well. I guess I'd better earn some decent play money so as to get out see the Woolsey's three!! Any ideas on how to go about the paid courier work to get comfy flights for free??

Catch you later


P.S. I was thinking of you guys on Burn's Night as I was cooking my haggis, neeps and tatties!!

hi to everyone and D&D&lump,

does anyone have your home or work address? please e-mail me back as i'd love to send something over!!

Dear Duf, Denise and Lump
So pleased you are all doing well...and of course the 5 weeks has diminished even more now. I would imagine you're glad that the weather is cooling down a bit. Unlike us, we would love it to be warmer. We've had another little sprinkling of snow today (the last was at the end of January) and the wind is bitterly cold.

I'm slowing down now and getting ready for retirement. There's a University 'do' on 24 March and I think a few of the 'oldies' who have already retired will be coming back to see me off!
It will seem really strange having all that time to be free!!

Do hope everything goes well on 'delump' day - I spoke to Jilly and John today and they send their love to you both (or I should say 'all').

Love and xxxx as always.

Jinxy xxxx

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