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More pictures of Nora

They've got a new camera, and here are some of there first attempts - and pretty good they are too. Click on the pictures for a full size image.


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Hi Everyone

Another 3 weeks gone by already.

Not too much to report in that time. Duf went racing on the G50 and won 6 out of 6 races. The race track was out west and when he arrived it was snowing. That really surprised me as although we are in the middle of winter we are still mostly in the mid twenties here.

A big devopement is that Nora is sleeping through the night at least for the last 6 nights. ( Does that mean it's forever now?) Mind you we are up at least once to check that she is ok. We didn't appreciate how good it is to have a whole nights sleep. I will never take it for granted.

We have been having some building work done at the resaurant and it looks fantastic. Everything was finished on time, which has never happened before, so now some painting we are ready to start opening lunches on a small scale. The restaurant has only ever been open in the evenings so we will see how we go.

As I said we are in winter and as soon as we get the school holidays (which start today) over we are going to try and have a few days away which will be great. It will be our first break since we arrived over a year ago. Something to look forward to.

Take care all