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5 Months Old

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Hi everyone

is it true that you are all in the middle of a heat wave? We are in the depths of winter and I have been so cold. Mind you I like the heat. I shall have to go and buy a hot water bottle if this keeps up.

Nora is now 5 months old and a real darling. She is sitting up and eating like a horse now that she is on solids. She definitely has an appetite like her parents. It is like feeding a little bird with her mouth permanently open.

Mum has just left today and we had a great 2 weeks. Nora has been well and truly spoiled and loved it. Donna arrives back next week and is staying permanently. She is moving out here with the Australian boyfriend Jason and is living just up the road which is great.

Duf is out again soon on the G50 and has been out quite alot on his Bonneville. Mind the speed limits are so slow here that he gets quite pissed of in traffic. He should get it out of his system on the track in a couple of weeks time. It's Noras first time to a race track so it will be interesting to see how she is.

We are planning to have a few days away next week which will be our first break in over a year. We might try and get up to the Barrier Reef and to the heat. It's probably about time that Nora had her first swim in the ocean.

take care