Not long until Christmas now!!!

I don't know how long it will take for me to get used to the idea that Christmas is around the corner when it starts to get hotter. There is was shopping for something cooler to wear and the Christmas cards are in the shops. Last year we went to the beach. 85 days to go for those of you that haven't started to count yet.

We are now in the middle of our school holidays and the restaurant is very busy. Another thing to get used to is being at home when all hell is letting loose at work. After 20 years of working at nights it is really strange being at home. Still I manage to get lots of paperwork done. And no matter how I try to get Nora to wake up later in the mornings (keeping her up late, waking her up and giving her another feed before I go to bed ) she still wakes up before 7.00am. Poor Duf dosen't get home until after midnight these days and 7.00 comes around too quick. Anyone got any ideas?

We are now at last having some decent rain. Donna and I were saying today how unusual it is to say "isn't the rain great ". It is strange how you do really miss it when you don't get any for weeks on end.

Duf is planning another outing on his race bike at the beginning of November. This time we are off to Victoria, north of Melbourne. I used to think that we travelled a long way if we went to Scarborough. If we drive it is at least 2 days away and we are thinking about flying down with a friend of Dufs taking the bike etc. down for us. I don't know if Nora would be very patient if we tried to drive 1600kms. Duf is off to the Moto GP at Philip Island in a couple of weekends time as a guest of Ducati. He is so excited. There are 8 of them staying in a house on the island for 4 days with pit passes etc.
We have a big food festival on that weekend in Byron which will be fun. Last year we sold 330 giant pizzas. Kept us busy for a while so lets hope we do more this time.

thats it for now

With love