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baby photo

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Hopefully there is a photo of Erin here.

One week on and all is well. The sleeping is surprising good and Nora is slowly coming to terms with the new addition.

Thank you to you all who have emailed etc. I will try and get back to you all as soon as I find some more hours in the day.

with love


At Last


Erin Donna Annie arrived on Monday 9th October at 6.10am and yes we were up all night. 6 hours of it before she arrived and she was 6 hours old when we went home.

We are all well. Nora is beside herself and just wants to cuddle her, sometimes a little too hard. The sleeping isn't too bad at the moment but it is only day 2.

Thanks to all for the emails so far and I will try and get a picture up here in the next couple of days,

with love

Denise, David, Nora and Erin.


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Well there is still no sign of the new little Woolsey. She is obviously very comfortable in there (which is good because I am not) and doesn't want to move. Lots of twinges and "is this it" so we will have to be patient. Sounds like me of course.

Not much else to report really. Spring is well under way and the beach is great and the pool is now back in action which pleases Nora. I am still at work although they sent me home early last night and have now taken me off the rosta. Why? They have also given David lots of time off and we are driving each other mad being at home so much together. He won't let me do anything, which sounds great but I am going crazy. Not used to sitting around not doing much. Still that won't be for long.

I will update when there is a new arrival

With love