First pictures


Well here are the first pictures of Nora Mary Patricia Woolsey.


For those who like facts and figures, she was 5lb 15oz. and born at 10:39 on 15th March,


Apparently she (or is it Denise) is eating like a horse, and will home tomorrow


Just as pretty as her Mum.
Well done to you all, we are thrilled to bits for you. Hope one day to come down under and see you. In the meantime we keep up to date with your website.
Love to the three of you.

Yours John, Jill and Nicki. xxxxx

well done the woolseys, now teh fun starts, speak to you soon.

love from us all

The hunnies

Hi Denise and David
Petra and Lee has just passed on to us pictures and website - you all look great - the Oz life must be doing you all good - congratulations to you both - little Nora looks wonderful - hope you have peaceful nights.

Lots of Love Jean and Doug


Exciting news. Great pictures.

David, that's a real Dad's grin - if it gets any wider your teeth will fall out!!
Denise, will you be stopping at just the two children?

Welcome to Nora Mary Patricia. We are delighted for you all. Sorry we can't come and see you but you are in our thoughts.

Love to you all

Jane, Andrew, Ria & Charlie

Congratulations, we are so pleased to hear your news and to hear how well you are doing over there in Oz, we miss you at the Peldon Rose, in fact we don't go there any more.

However, we did come to Oz last year and are hoping to be back next year or the year after, so we will certainly look you up and see for ourselves, your delightful baby and visit another of your success stories.

Very best wishes to you both.

Alick and Val Smith - West Mersea


How could something so cute be anything to do with Duff ? - the mind boggles !

Good luck with the nappies, i hear you need an HND in neuclear physics to work them out.

Has Duff got the sidecar ordered yet ?

Take care .... of the 3 of you.


i nearly cried when i saw the pics and i'm in an internet cafe!!!!!
i hope everyone is ok and me and abby miss you !!
i'm so happy for you all and you 100% deserve it, maybe not all the nappies and stuff to come but congrats again,
one problemo i could do with your address and no-one seems to have it!!!
take care and hope to catch you soon
lots of love sam & abby

David, Denise and Nora!
Congratulations to you all!
Fantastic news, when is her first ski lesson?!
David's rucksack will be carrying Nora from now on!
Let us have our address - we may visit you!
Louise, PG, Ed and SophieXXXX

hi you 3!!

just a quickie to say me & abby havn'y forgotten you, as we r still in the process of getting your address!! i think countries have been invaded in less time than it's taken us, however we got onto charlotte and she put us on the trail to lorna, phew!!!! fingers crossed it shall reach you by the time nora is 3!
well hope all well, a quick sumise of life here....abby and brad are house hunting and poor but saving up for next year in bali, me.. i've got my tests for RAF in a week aaaarrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh!!! so i'm mega keen to get into that, so fingers crossed again and now i shall hand you over to dave who i'm sure will tell you all about his pics on the net, which you have to take alook when you get a minute as they're pretty good, BUT DON'T TELL HIM THAT, MR EGO!!!!!!!
Thank you Sam, for that wonderful introduction!! How the devil are you three? Saw the photos and nearly pissed myself!! You guys look....errr....ummm....really....good!!! Just joking (Sam just said "Maybe a shower wouldn't have hurt!!!) Cheeky puppy! Anyway....How are all? All here are splendid! Just damp with the poxy rain, but trying to put a brave face on it. The sun is supposed to be coming, but it's taking its bloody time! Hope business is doing well, Nora's happy and you guys are staying cool as always. Everybody sends their love and hope to be in touch soon. But, be warned, the joke I'm thinking of is sounding hilarious. There was an Englishman, Irish woman and an Australian girl....That's all I've got so far. Updates will follow. And now...Bck to Sam.... the website for dave pics is, just click on contacts and enter davide ferretti and they should come up, as you'll see he's aged quite considerably and piled on those pounds!!!!
anyhoo, take care all and we'll let you leave your computer,
xxxxxxxxx sam & dave & abby & brad

Great news! Great pics!
Sorry that we have been absent but the old PC fried it's hard drive - hence the new Email number. You're all looking great (except for Duf!) and we're so pleased that everything turned out OK.
We too have a new addition. Emma gave birth to Owen William (7lb) on 31st March. So it's drinks all round!
All the very best.
Legs & Judy.

Blinky Blimeys!!!! Woo Hoo !!!

Well done guys! What a little cutie..... Denise and Nora look pretty good too !! ROFLMAO ... Just kidding honest.

So what do you think will be first for little Nora, riding a motorcyle or running a pizza kitchen??

Why is it that Denise seems to look younger as the years pass by yet the rest of us just look more knackered?? Hope all is going wonderfully and I'll keep a look out for more photos.

Reply to our emails?? Yeah rite! :o) Well you'll have no excuse now you're going to be a lady of leisure for a little while.

Some friends of mine ( I know, more than one!) are in Auz till the end of May and are hoping to get across to Byron for a pizza if their schedule can fit it in.

Catch you later


Congratulations from your namesakes. Glad everything is working out and Nora looks gorgeous. Great to hear you have moved to Oz to win races Duff! Pembrey was fresh, I am sure you are missing it.....not!
All the best from David & Denise Barrett

ha it's lisa's wee sis johanna! I wanted to send you a wee message saying congratulations in your new arrivial. Mum was glad you liked the wee suit she made the baby! I am on the way to becoming a nurse believe it or not! Start on september! haaaaaaaaaaa! I am caking it! hope to hear from you soon

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