Twelve weeks later


At last

I cannot believe that Nora is now 12 weeks old so it is about time that I updated this page.

Things here are pretty hectic as only The Woolseys can be and luckily Nora seems to be fine with it. She is becoming quite her own little person and we have taken to parenthood far better than we ever imagined. As with all you parents out there you only realise what you were missing when it happens to you. No-one can prepare you for the ranges of emotions that emerge from within your deepest soul. It's incredible. So now we are doting parents and Duf is trying to figure out how small a crash helmet he can get and when will she be able to go on the motorbike.

That is the new motorbike that he bought himself for his birthday. A Triumph Bonneville Thruxten for those who are interested. He picked it up on the morning of his birthday and went off with the boys for a ride. The other Bonneville (the old one) is also on the road although it only for special occasions. And Duf is racing the G50 next weekend. So to answer your question Peter no - fatherhood hasn't changed the motorbiking passion. It is now just a little further down the list. Nora was the first person to sit on the new bike.

We are now in the middle of winter and is great to be a little quieter. Mind you it is almost the end of our financial year and there is loads to do so we don't seem to have much free time at the moment but it will come. We celebrated our anniversary of being in Australia a whole year this week and can't believe what a year it has been. We have decided to have a relatively quiet year this year and not fit so much in to it. We will see if that actually happens.

Hope you are all well and I am slowly catching up on replying to my e-mails now that I have a computer and an office at home. I just have to try and get into a routine and all will be well. Nora isn't sleeping through the nights as yet but she only wakes up once which is great. Mind you the first time she went from twice to once we were up and sneeking into her room to check if she was alright. how many of you have done that? I'm sure routine is something that we just have to get organised with. She seems to thrive on the mad lives that we have. She will sleep anywhere, smiles at everyone and probably thinks it's a bit boring if we have a day at home.

Let me know what you are all up to.

With love

D & D & N


Hiya all,

Nothing terribly exciting from this side of the little cold country, the business has picked up a little bit, like Duff said it would eventually, hoping in the not too distant future to be able to afford shoes WITHOUT holes - oh the wild dreams I have !
Really glad to to hear all is going so well with Nora, she sounds a gem and at least with the quieter season upon you, you should at least get to spend more time watching the developement as the days go past.
*** Racing update for Duff ***
Pembrey - only 1 of the bikes was ready but not to bad results wise (for us) - Mr Davenport had a big moment and broke his arm we think, where Adie spilled last year.
Mallory - went pretty well for a first time out with both bikes, was only 0.05 behing Paul at the line in the first one and got 9th in the second - no big news here, standard collection process for edwina's but no-one was hurt thankfully.
Brands Hatch - not so good really, Delilah broke in practice, only the throttle cable, so I only got 3 laps before the race, then Paul took Delores out for the first race .... she let go with style ! the piston failed at the gudgeon pin and split into 1 big bit, which stayed on top and took out the valves etc, and many small bits which wiped out almost everything else - Joy.
Took Delilah out for my race, was going fairly well, in front of Danny Brennan and Stacie, catching Steven Powell !! - I think the success went to my head because after 2 slides on lap 4, I kept going at the same rate, this led to a fairly impressive high side on clearways and a broken foot after a somewhat ungraceful landing, when I eventually did land that is. The re-run saw Jeff Jones collect Ron Soar at Druids and possibly big tim but I couldn't see through the med centre walls. Eriks did a sterling job through the night to give eagle a scoot for the next day - so he burned the clutch out in celebration - BAD NEWS is Pat Mooney had a VERY big highside comming out of Paddock, the last I heard he was very poorly with multiple breaks, he was being kept sedated pending a scan for brain damage. I don't know how well you knew him but you now have the information to take whatever steps you may or may not wish to take. Mr Mallows had a little play at Brands too but had a poorly clutch I think leading to unsatisfatory performance for him - although it's still hard to tell the difference between that and when he wins ! - Merv is his usual little self and everyone else looks fine and well.
I guess you should attend to far more important things than reading this drivel so I shall sign off with very best wishes to you all over there, and good luck to Duff in his next outing.

Take care


Oh my god i don't believe you are parents, bet your glad you are not pushing a pram through the steep slopes of Molyvos,but i suppose you would have a space for it on the bike !!!!!
Still in Molyvos and of course the Galley has changed hands again( never been the same since the 2 of you had it ), not so much has changed here.
Melanie sends her love and she is expecting in November, it seems the whole village was at it last winter as its baby boom time here.
Going to see Ignati at the Souvlaki tonight so will let him know your news, unless he already knows!
Hope the 2 of you are well and enjoynig your new life down under.
Love to all 3 of you and Donna
Derek and Stephen

D&D&N great to hear everthing is going ok.parenthood is not that bad just expensive!well the first 16yrs.cant emagine duf changing nappies--hope he takes his turn.cant beleive you have been gone a year,but so has charlotte-and shes not coming home,shes staying on another 6 months.went out to see her in feb took daphne&lauren,had a great time(see photos)the house she lives in is just like the waltons!with just as many people.
lauren leaves school in a few weeks,somif you want a babysitter ill parcel her to you.she had her school leavers ball in may at the town hall,went in a limo with her orange mates(see photo)looked really grown up.gone for a job interview today,fingers crossed.sam is still at the rose,also does his window round in afternoons.doing well with the band.hoping to go to grenada this summer to do a mini tour,playing the clubs etc.he and the band have built their own studio in one of the units at the cowdray centre.record their own songs and practice there.are waiting to hear from sony!
shop is doing well,seem to be busier this summer,anna from next door is working weekends for me.all who knows you both that come in the shop wish you congratulations(barry&georgie,arthur,mrs white,pat sargeant to mention a few)and many whose names i dont know.must sign off now got to go to town to pay some bills.will try and ring you but the time dif is a pain and i fall a sleep waiting!

love&kisses to you all,lorna malcolm sam & lauren.
ps.charlotte said she has just got promotion at work(yippe more money)will e-mail you herself.

bye for now love lorna

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