another restaurant


Hi everyone

just to let you know that as of 22nd November we are the proud owners of another restaurant.

We are going to make it into another Earth n Sea.

It's much smaller that the other one but allows us to get our home delivery service alot quicker.

We are closing for 4 days and are hoping to open on Friday

Wish us luck



well well, we wondered if things were getting a bit to easy out there, a new challenge was long overdue. Hope you got the pics of Jack & Eve speak soon after we have been midnight shopping again

The hunnies


that's fantastic news! however you no longer have my sympathy for being tired, you are clearly just asking for trouble!!
oh if only i could come out and be you pizza delivery boy on a moped!

good luck with it all and hope all goes well,
congrats and just remember you are middle aged and and at some point you might need to start slowing down!

take care and all my love

Congratulations. There is just no stopping u2.
Hope all goes well. Give Nora a great big hug from both of us. Lots of love,
Lisa&David. xx

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