Summers nearly over

I just cannot believe where the time has flown (again) and now that we are starting to calm down at the restaurants we can hopefully have our lives back a little.

Christmas seems to have come and gone in a flash and it was all too much for Nora. She had more fun with a beermat on Christmas day than her presents.

We are all off to Phillip Island at the weekend as Duf is racing in one of the international classic events. The bike was shipped of in a container last week and hopefully will be at the circuit when we arrive on Thursday. I have some family in Melbourne who are coming down to stay at the island for the weekend which will be fun. Lets hope the weather is good. It is so far south that one of the corners is called Artic Corner. We are staying on the beach so it had better be good.

Nora is up and standing on her own. still afraid to take that first step but it won't be long now. How far up do you have to move things then? And she has grown so much. We went to a first birthday party last week and she has really caught the other babies up. Considering that she was so small to start with. Mind you she was the bully. She thought it was really funny to pull the birthday girls hair and to pull out any dummies that she saw.

My brother is here at the moment and we all went away down the coast for a few days camping. I cheated and stayed in a cabin and was glad when there was a huge storm the first night.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Off now to pack for the weekend

With love