One year old

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Hi all

Yes we have had our first birthday and we cannot believe where it has gone.

Nora didn't have a clue what was going on but it was a great day. I will try and put a picture up but I can't promise that I can.

We are now planning our trip to England. We have provisional tickets booked to leave Oz on the 28th June and arrive at Heathrow on 29th. Leaving again on 28th July. I will let you know when we confirm the tickets.

Then it will be my 40th and as many of you know I had a dream to have it on a beach in Bali and hopefully it will happen. I am planning to fly to Bali on Sunday 21st August for 5 glorious days. (see you there).

Duf has had great success on his motorbike and has quite a collection of magazines etc. with his picture in. He gets quite a good mention in most of them as well so he is happy.

I will now try to put up a picture and will see you all in 12 weeks. (Click on the picture for the full size version.)



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hello you 3,

sorry i missed your call! i was awake aswell.
fantastic that you're coming over, it will be great to see you all.
with regards to bali, i doubt i'll be able to make it. it's all kickig off with the RAf this summer and also i'll be moving to scotland. so as the song to tight to mention!

it will be great to catch up so hopefully abby can get some time off work and you will have a free minute to yourselves, then again maybe not.

keep me posted and take care
happy birthday nora!

speak soon when i get a phone cardy thing. abby is going to try and speak to you soon and her and brad are still doing bali.

take care and miss you

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