Hi all Not long now

Hi all

Not long now until we arrive on your doorstep. We leave on 28th June and will be around for a month.

I think we will need a holiday to recover when we get back from this as we are going to be pretty busy.

We will be in Colchester from around the 5th July and will be around there until 17th when we are off to Portugal to visit some friends for a few days.

After that we will be heading to London to visit the brothers and down south to catch up with some other friends and then back to Colchester towards the end of the month. Just in time to come back to Oz.

We know it will fly by and will hopefully fit as much in as we can.

I will call all of you from mum's when we arrive and the phone number there is 01406 350293 if you want to get us.

See you all soon