40th Birthday Celebrations

Yes it's true I am now 40. It doesn't feel any different but I remember thinking how old 40 seemed when I was young and I don't feel any different.

We had a great week in Port Douglas and started off my big day with a breakfast beach BBQ. Just as I had always wanted. The rest of the day was spent on the beach and we all had the most amazing meal that night. Nora was as ever an angel and joined in a partied with us all. In fact she was nearly the last of us to go to sleep.

Abby and Brad came over from England and Lisa and Peter from New Zealand so thank you to them. My dad is having a family get together tonight and some girlfriends are planning something soon so it looks like the birthday will go on and on. Fantastic.

Thanks to those of you who left messages and sent e-mails and of course cards. It was great to come back to them.

Now it is back to the reality of life. One really can have too much time away and we are all looking forward to having a rest. Time for some work on the house and garden to start. Who said rest.

I promise I won't leave it sooooo long for the next update.

With love from the 40 year old