Another Little Woolsey


Hi Everyone

yes there is going to be an addition to the family. Due on the 2nd of October so I am now 3 months pregnant and hoping the sickness is going to go soon. Mind you it has been Irish morning sickness with it coming on at about 5 in the afternoon and hanging arond all night. So thats my excuse for not being good at answering e-mails etc for the past months as everytime I got off the sofa I wanted to throw up. All is well, I had my first scan last week and all looks good.

We are also coming back for another visit. Duf is 50 in May and we are coming to celebrate that with a trip to Molyvos. We arrive on 6th May, then off to Ireland and then will be in England for a couple of weeks before going off to Greece on the 25th.

Hope you are all well and happier now that the winter is going. We got down to 25 the other day and I had to put the duvet back on. I will remember to pack my warm things when we come.

Let me know what you are up to and if you are around to catch up with in May

With love

Denise, David and Nora


What great news. You must be very excite (probably in proportion to your sickness)

Congrats! Love to see you when you are over, if you can make it. we are still at the same place!

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