Back over a month already

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Hi Everyone

with only 10 weeks to go until the arrival of the new Woolsey we are all getting excited. I wouldn't say we were ready yet (how much more work can it be? she says foolishly). Nora is most excited of all. She constantly has a baby doll in her arms and wants to change it's nappy all the time. When she looks at my (HUGE) belly she wants to take it out NOW. I for one am very grateful that all this is happening in winter this time. how I did it before in 35 plus degrees I will never know.

Well our holiday seems like a distant memory. We had a great time and a big thank you to all who went to so much effort while we were there. I know what it is like trying to fit more into a busy schedule so thank you all. We had a fantastic time in Greece with great company, great weather and a great reception from all our old friends there. We couldn't believe that it was 10 years ago that we opened that little restaurant. Duf had a great birthday with dinner at his favourite table in his favourite restaurant and lots to drink. I was sure a number of times that he was going to end up in the harbour. He was a very happy 50 year old and was a great climax to all the birthday celebrations.

For those who have been trying to send emails through the website and to "thewoolsey" I have a new address for you. I will type it in capitals so I don't get all sort of crap but if you type it normally you shouldn't have any problems.


Look forward to hearing from you all


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