Nora's 3rd birthday



We still can't believe it. Where did those 3 years go?

Of all the pressies that she got (and there were a few) those earrings had pride of place. Thank you Keith and Marie. (hopefully the photo is there)

The party was fab with loads of 3 year olds, a bouncy castle, a chocolate cake and a trashed house. It took us 3 days to clear up and I think that David and I had as much fun as Nora. I know David was a big hit on the bouncy castle.

We are all well and are now coming into winter which is great. We suddenly have a lot more time on our hands and are off for a short break next week. It is then our 20th wedding anniversay in June (which I also can't believe) and we are off to lay on a beach in Fiji for a week. So lots to look forward to.

Last month we became Australian citizens which we were very excited about. Now we can have ozzie passports and come and go as we please for ever which is great. It will soon be 4 years that we are hear so it must be time for a change for us. Watch this space!!!!

Erin is now 7 months old and has had 2 teeth arrive in the last couple of days. She starts swimming lessons next week as she loves the water. Nora and her will go on the same day as Nora is able to go on her own with the teacher and David will take Erin into the baby class. He loves it as there are lots of young mums there. He doesn't realise that they probably think he is a dirty old man.

Hope you are all well and that you are all enjoying the great weather over there. I know we haven't been the best at keeping in touch but we think of you all often. Now that Erin is going through the nights we hope that our evenings are not so hectic and we can get in touch with you.

Take care

With love

The Woosleys


hey all,

so you're old aussies then!! great news, glad to hear all is well and not in the least bit surprised you might have itchy feet, so whereever you are in the next 18 months i may finally be able to afford to come and visit you!! life for me is great, i'm still a very happy little soldier, i'm at my first tour which is still in bedford but i'm working in a different unitand off to afghanistan in september, which will certainly concerntrate the mind!!

i saw abby and brad a few weeks ago, htey came up for a visit which was fun, they are both well and thinking of houses or travelling, all in all life is good.

nora looks gorgeous and where did they find those earings!?, i want a pair!! abby would love them.

i'm completly besotted with my nephew will, 6 months old, they're moving to scotland asap so that should save on petrol for me!!

anyhoo, take it easy, love to all


Hi you two....sorry 4. I have been keeping up to date with your messages, and loved the pic of Nora...complete with about growing up fast..
As you said in your last message we certainly did have some beautiful weather in April...but my goodness the April showers have been around ever since.The late bank holiday weekend was a real just didn't stop raining and of course so many people had 'do's going on which were not well attended. This weekend it's Wivenhoe Open Gardens which I've been very involved in organising...and true to form we had rain on and off yesterday afternoon, but hopefully it shouldl be better today. Gosh I am so English...always talking about the weather.

I spent a week with cousin Maureen in Norwich at the beginning of May and met up with another cousion who lives in the Wirral...she (Beryl) is now 80...and she was also born in he same house as me in we went back there for a very nostalgic visit. The hollow oak tree is still there which we used to climb inside as children (as did my Dad as he and his brothers and sisters were all born in the same house).
I still spend a lot of time with Patrick...we've been PTP's for 10 years in September (part time partners). Congratulations on your 20th anniversary...Julie and Chris will be celebrating their 25th this year, so time does fly as you say. Julie is in France at the moment with her Dad. He's helping a friend renovate a house so Julie is plumber and electricians mate.

Also congratulations on your Ozzie citizenship...obviously they haven't found you out yet!!!!!
Seriously, love to you both...from good old Wivenhoe.

Hi. It was lovely seeing you at East Mersea....and what a perfect setting for a party! We've had a few fine, warm days during the past week, which was a bonus after such a wet and dreary summer. I actually sat out in the garden on Sunday....I think it was the second time this year.
The Wivenhoe Society organised the twice-yearly riverbank clean up on Sunday...around 20 volunteers turned up and we provided them with bin bags and off they trundled down the Wivenhoe Trail towards Colchester. How on earth people can dump a divan base in the river I don't know...but someone did....I suppose they could sling it over the wall at bridge in Colchester.
This weekend we're having the get together for gardeners who opened their gardens in June, and presenting cheques to two charities, so Pat Smith and I will be busy cooking...but not on the scale of you guys. I hope the new restaurant is progressing well and that your plans for the house go ahead.
Thanks for the phone message.....glad you liked the pics. Take care of yourselves and love and hugs to you all. Jinxy xxxx

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