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A new year

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Hi there

hope you are well and that the new year is being good to you.

We are all well and now that our really busy season is over we are getting our lives back again. This will be a big year for us with the new restaurant opening and hopefully lots of building work at home. The new restaurant building is coming along and hopefully it won't be too far behind schedule with all this rain. It doesn't feel that it has stopped in weeks.. We have designed the new kitchen and we just got a quote for all the equipment which wasn't too scary. The building at home is still in the planning stage but hopefully it will be on the move soon.

The girls are fantastic and Nora is so excited now that she is in the pre-school room. She loves it. Erin is just finding her voice and there are new words every day. She is a bit of a joker and her and Nora just love each other, which is great.

Duf was out on the bike a few weeks ago at Phillip Island and got a third and a dodgy ignition switch which hampered his progress but he has high hopes for Eastern Creek at Easter.

we are looking forward to our first visitors of the year in a couple of weeks and my sister Donna arrives back in a couple of days with only 10 weeks left until she has a baby.

thats more or less caught up with our news so a Happy New Year to you all

With love

The Woolseys