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it seems like a long time ago

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Hi there

We have been back almost a month now and our trip seems like forever ago. Thanks to all of you who made such an effort to come and see us. We had a ball despite the rain!!

We have come back to Spring and it is good to be back in the sun. The girls have settled back into their lives and only took 11 days to get over their jetlag. They couldn't understand why they wanted to up at midnight and go to sleep when it got light again.

Singapore was great on the way home and broke up the trip brilliantly. We did the zoo and all the tourist stuff, ate and drank far too much and lounged by the pool. It was a good finale to our holiday.

Work on the new restaurant starts in 8 days and we are still hopeful of being up and running before our main summer season which starts on Boxing Day. We hope to be open 3 weeks before so we can all get back into the swing of things. But there is a lot to do and at the moment we have 2 bare walls and hopefully by the end of this week 2 sets of windows. I will let you know how the stress levels are going over the next 8 weeks or so.

Erin is about to have her second birthday and has definately joined her sister in the race for the pink princess of the year. I still can't believe how alike the 2 of them are. if it isn't pink then it won't get worn thats for sure. Poor Duf he copes pretty well with it really.

Speaking of Duf he is off to Melbourne in a couple of days to take part in the Moto GP weekend at Phillip Island. He is racing in the first historic race they have held at the meeting and it's going to be televised.. The video has been set and lets hope that Nora doesn't stick Barbie in there.

Duf's new workshop and our studio accomodation is nearly finished Its looking great. Just in time for my mum, stepdad, brother and his family who are all coming out in November. We are having a joint Christening with Donnas little boy on the 15th and it will be great to have all the 5 grandchildren together for the first time.

Well thats you all up to date with The Woolseys.

if you want to get in contact my email is thewoolseys @ Don't put the spaces in that just stops me from getting loads of spam (I hope)

with love